The Beracha Foundation has been active in Israel since 1971. During the first two decades of its activity the Foundation supported Academic Research and Excellence working with universities and their academics and building many educational and community facilities throughout the country, as well as dealing with issues of Welfare and Early Childhood education. Since 1990 the Foundation has also been a fundamental supporter of issues of environment and sustainability in Israel. The Beracha Foundation supported the beginning of environmental activism in Israel, and was a leading force in the creation and development of environmental policy through various activities, including research, policy studies and civic involvement. The Beracha Foundation played a central role in the development of the Ariel Sharon Park, near Tel Aviv, changing the environmental hazard into a national landmark of sustainability. Today, the Foundation continues its activities in environment through its support of urban sustainability projects as well as various activities and work with civic involvement and activism in issues of sustainability, environment and global warming. The Foundation is also active in Education, mainly on issues of early childhood, elementary and high school education as well as educational innovation. The Foundation also supports Arts and Culture, and its development throughout the country and in all social sectors of Israeli society.

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The Beracha Foundation supports initiatives which portray its wide range of interests recognized as vital for the ongoing development of the State of Israel: arts and culture, education and sustainability. Examples of some of the projects which we currently support can be found below:

The House

In 2003, after it had been in existence for over three decades, the Beracha Foundation found its permanent home in the historic German Colony of Jerusalem. The house is a perfect example of local Jerusalem architecture with its stone carvings along with a strong German influence that makes this area unique. Today, besides serving as the main office for the Beracha Foundation, the space, in the spirit of the Foundation, is also loaned out to other non-profits that do not have a home for their meetings.